Holistic • Mindful • Wellness Travel

Our Services are personalized and tailor made, to all travellers, individually or in small groups, inspired by our keywords and values.

We act in both outgoing and incoming tourism activities, working as tour operator, DMC and specialized travel agency.


We try to reach natural, mindful, sacred, cultural, eco or authentic destinations, infrastructures and activities, in a slow mode. As well to ashrams, several courses, sessions and trainings from yoga, ayurvedic, meditation, reiki or retreats, life and business coaches, diverse therapies, in touristic, holistic and mindful centres and places all around the world.


Travelling holistic and mindfully results in learning, intelectual, personal and cultural growth and healing. This is a kind of travel leaving a purposeful and positive footprint to traveller and to communities.


Vision & Goals

Today's human being is lost in mundane tasks, routines, societal and cultural bonds pressure, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, with stress, anxiety, in burnout, lost in frivolous and over consuption.

In this cenary, holistic, mindful, wellness tourism and hospitality, regenerative, transformational and sustainable, offered by ZENTravel, can be a perfect way to escape to relaxation, improve wellbeing, mind, body and spirit health.

It is a positive way to develop personally, while contribute to economic, social and sustainable growth with positive impact on local communities, hosts and countries.


Our main keywords are: positive, peaceful, meaningful, holistic, mindful, spiritual, responsible, authentic, transformational, eco, slow, wellness.



"Travelling with Heart, seeking Engagement. 

Having the Resolve to work to challenges,

and leaving your Heart, Mind and Soul Open to the unknown"

(by Transformative Travel Council)


Our main goals are to provide personal fulfillment, travelling purposely, sustainable services and opportunities. Slow down with mindful consuption and conscious living.


What is Holistic, Mindfulness, Wellness in Tourism?

Holism: the essence of holism, from Smuts (1926) concept, means that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Holism is an important concept in sciences and social sciences, giving emphasis to connections between the mind and the body, dealing with the whole of something or someone, not just a part, taking into account mental and social factors.

Holistic Tourism: has become an alternative form of tourism that would allow to achieve balance between mind, body and soul. Holistic experience can provide emotional pleasure, cognitive stimulation, psychological growth, self-expression and common consciouness (Holladay & Ponder, 2012).

Mindfulness: is one of the most important ways to provide concentration, memory retentions, enhancing job satisfaction, strengthen positive mental state, relaxation. It is a way of living, "can be thought of as moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a specific way, that is, in the present moment, and non-reactively, as non-judgmentally, and as open heartedly as possible" (Brown & Ryan, 2003; Kabat-Zinn, 2015; Lengyel, 2015).

Wellness: "aiming at a state of health featuring the harmony of the body, mind and spirit, self responsible, physical fitness, beauty care, healthy nutrition, relaxation, meditation, mental activity, education, environmental sensivity and social contacts as fundamental elements" (www.wellnesstourismworldwide.com, 2022).